SAP Implementation Solutions and Services

SAP is the exemplary market leader in enterprise solutions that allows easy and simple global integration of several business processes, making the work environment seamless and effective, developing efficiency in work efforts, supporting clients with information on a real-time basis and minimizing the possibility of redundant information and errors in the process.

AOF Engineering Systems provides effective SAP implementation services. Our main goal is to customize and implement those SAP solutions and innovate your entire business to the point where it can respond to the critical challenges with ease. We commit to the project throughout its entire life cycle starting from the planning to progress to customization to testing and to the execution from where the project goes live and we provide live support to it.

AOF aids its customers to reach new and unreachable heights in their enterprise operations which are made possible with our customized services in the specific areas such as the Customer Relation Management or CRM, Supplier Relationship Management or SRM, Supply Chain Management or SCM, Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP, and in SAP Service and Asset Management.

Automate Your Key Business features with SAP Business ERP Solutions

AOF offers SAP Implementation Services that cater to SAP clients belonging from a huge spectrum of industries like retail, manufacturing, lifestyle, Oil and Gas and a lot more. As an SAP expert, we provide end to end SAP implementation services to our customers. Our qualified SAP professionals always work to satisfy our customers with accurate work processes and in time delivery so they can effectively maintain the mediums to the enormous SAP environments. We create SAP products with pre and post-implementation offerings all within the range of reasonable fees.

For all businesses
Accelerate all of your business processes and make them smarter with an ERP solution designed EVEN FOR for small and medium-sized enterprises at comparatively lower costs.
Highly affordable
SAP Business ERP solutions are affordable, all-in-one, business services created to manage your entire business starting from customer relationships to sales to financials and operations
Improves productivity
Crafted specifically to meet the requirements of SMEs, it helps to streamline business processes, increases efficiency of your manpower and accelerates the overall business-growth.
SAP Business ERP Solutions assists you to stay at the top of your business dynamics and present a unified picture of the enterprise information across to the people of your organization with embedded analytical, manufacturing, CRM and finance capabilities.
  • Enhance agility and minimize data silos with the seamless integration of your business landscape into the ERP solutions
  • Enjoy the capabilities of the SAP Business ERP Solutions as per your allotted budget and requirements
  • Automate your business processes entirely and gain complete control over it such as on sales, financials, inventory and others
  • Deploy SAP Business ERP Solutions in the premise or in the cloud as quick as from 2 to 8 weeks

Get High Business Performance at Low Costs with SAP HANA

Deployable in the cloud or on-premise, SAP HANA is the commended next-generation platform for SAP Business ERP Solutions that supports business to analyze huge amounts of data and extract the answers they need right now.

SAP HANA removes the layers of complexities and the need for unnecessary business costs without complicating the IT landscape associated with your typical IT architecture.


Benefits of Choosing SAP HANA

Faster & better decision making
Comes with pre-built dashboards and reports enable order management, real-time inventory and visibility of cash flows. This results in faster and improved decision making and measurable performance gains for the business as a whole.
Carry out orderson the Fly
Immediate reserve of the current stock with the excellent available to promise (ATP) app for rescheduling current inventory and future delivery dates, ordered and replenished stock on the fly making your production process at the desired level.
Usage of Google-type search
Drilled down reports that took hours or even days to be complied, can be done in minutes now. Irrespective of the amount of data your business has stored from any source, you can implement highly complicated data-intensive analysis in real-time.
Cash Flow Forecasting
Through a few clicks, configure the calculations and track the cash flow movement that is the purchase orders, sales orders, down payments and cash related transactions
Expedite Ad-Hoc Analysis
Allow employees to generate interactive ad-hoc analysis on real-time standards without It Assistance.

Empower your Business Areas
Empower the various areas of your business liberating it from limitations set by the long-established business architectures.