Microsoft Technologies

The people at the helm at AOF started writing programs in the last century using Microsoft Technologies such as Basic, Visual C++ and Visual Basic. Come 2000 and Microsoft ushered in COM and DCOM and later, introduced the all-powerful .NET Framework. The world was changed thanks to Microsoft and its Windows, SQL Server, BizTalk and so on; AOF witnessed all these.

At present, AOF maintains a strong and highly capable Microsoft crew who are experts in all top-level Microsoft technologies. From Navision to SharePoint and ASP.NET to C#, we can take any project of any magnitude anywhere in the world.



ASP.NET is one of Microsoft’s most successful web app development frameworks. Every update that has been released to date has brought new and extended features to help developers write highly scalable, high-performance applications.

Our ASP.NET Services include:

  • Responsive websites and web apps for mobile as well as native mobile apps.
  • Writing web APIs.
  • Building enterprise-level software.

C# Programming @ AOF

AOF Engineering Systems hosts professional C# programmers that are highly skilled in providing various high-end solutions including:

C# Window App Development

We use C#, .NET and Universal Windows Platform to program high-quality applications for Windows-based Operating Systems such as Windows 7,8 & 10, Xbox One and Windows Mobile 10. We are also well-versed in using Window Forms and WPF to develop and render customized GUI designs. Our exceptional skills in C# also allow us to create lower-level Microsoft software, e.g., components, controls, browser apps, and console apps.

C# Web Development

We are world-class gurus when it comes to implementing C# on Visual Studio and ASP.NET. You are thus welcome to call on us anytime you need client- and/or server-side web apps, XML web services, Windows Service APIs, web forms, TCP/IP servers, e-commerce sites, SharePoint apps, database-driven websites, and dynamic SPAs. We also develop cloud solutions, e.g. PaaS and SaaS apps.

C# Mobile Development

AOF Engineering Systems is a one-stop shop for hybrid, cross-platform mobile applications. By using C# alongside such tools like Visual Studio and Xamarin, we deliver complete mobile solutions for wireframing, User Interface design, Database architecture, native API leverage, business logic implementation, third-party integration, testing, debugging and app deployment.

C# Game Development

Our programmers develop custom 2D and 3D games for Xbox One, Windows PC and Windows Mobile. To do this, we leverage on C#’s computing capabilities, .NET’s scripting capabilities and the power of Unity engine. We also use Visual Studio extension and CryEngine CE# when creating games for Linux and Windows. Our games offer amazing VR and AR experiences.

AOF Engineering Systems is a leading provider of top-quality C# solutions for business, gaming, and personal use. We have a pool of some of the best C# programmers in the US who are more than ready to take your C# development project to a whole new level of excellence.

VB.Net @ AOF Engineering Systems

Visual Basic.NET (VB.Net) is among the two major programming languages on .NET framework. VB.Net is object-oriented and event-driven. It is a dynamic language that has been used to create robust applications for Windows-based systems, mobile, and the web.

AOF Engineering Systems features a one-of-a-kind team of VB.Net specialists. Our VB.Net expert developers have immense experience and expertise, and we are the go-to option for individuals and enterprises in search of the following services:

  • .Net consulting
  • .Net windows app development
  • .Net e-commerce app development
  • .Net custom web app development
  • .Net customer relationship management (CRM) app development
  • Portal development following web2.0 and WAI.

Our work is backed by excellent research and development using the latest, cutting-edge trends that are sure to give you a boost ahead of your competition. Security, reliability, outstanding presentation, business logic, and flawless information management are all guaranteed in the code we write.