Give a Well Rounded Security to Your Applications and network with AOF’s Enterprise Security Services

AOF offers a range of services from information security assessing, consulting, to testing and enhancing the protection of networks and applications operating in banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, and other relevant industries.

Our dedicated security experts adopt a personal approach to each of the customers based on the best practices and strengthened with our experiences. Our support and additive techniques will support the clients through all of the project stages.


We offer enterprise security services to our customers for:

  • Significantly reducing the instances of security weaknesses in desktop, mobile and web applications
  • Ensure compliance with appropriate standards and regulations while safeguarding your data completely.
  • We offer full scale security assessment and planning services for the entire IT infrastructure components.
  • Manage your network, IoT devices, Remote Access software, servers and other hardware/software.
  • Ensure that your IT setup has the latest tools and resources in terms of Firewall, Security suits and monitoring mechanism.

Application Security & Network Protection

Application Security
Insufficiently protected and poorly coded applications can put the organization at risk that can simultaneously result in data breaches. AOF through their knowledge and skills in testing and assessing the security in desktop, mobile and web applications determines ways to aid their customers for achieving the firm and effective protection of the corporate data stored remotely or locally.Each programming language in their own nature has loopholes that might result in security flaws during the development stage. AOF’s security experts examine and detect those flaws before the application goes live through Security Code Review.The enterprises need to manage and secure the extensive usage of connected applications. AOF implements control measures and appropriate device management policies to the installation of newest mobile apps.

Network Protection
By increasing the coverage of security measures of the corporate network, you can diminish the risk of becoming target of company’s proprietary information theft, privacy spoofing, identity, DDoS and Man in the Middle attacks.We frame multiple defence layers to safeguard your corporate network and the sensitive data that is stored within it. Our security engineers know all the comprehensive ways of keeping your information safe, reducing the probability of attacks against your network through DDoS protection, Email Security Solutions and Firewalls, IDS / IPS, DLP implementation and setting.Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a free consultation on any security issue that you have and we will find a persuasive way to address and implement it.Along with mobile apps security measures AOF also provides appropriate Cloud Protection solutions and also Website Application Security Measures.

We aid the customers to recognize the security risks and map out the measures to help alleviate those risks through Information Security Consulting, Security testing of the overall IT Infrastructures and its components, Compliance Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Stress Testing: Mirroring of DoS/DDoS attacks. AOF’s security testing team evaluates the infrastructure’s stability and its components by testing it beyond the normal operational capacity through the application of special tools like Apache JMeter and Siege. Through the application and our expertise, we emulate distributed denial of service (DDoS) or Denial of Service (DoS) attacks against your network and applications to determine the firmness of the hardware and software under stressful conditions like process loading, heavy traffic of network etc.